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  • AccuAir_SwitchSpeed_Analog_Air_Management_Package

AccuAir SwitchSpeed Analog Air Management Package


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The AccuAir SwitchSpeed Analog Air Management is one of the best options on the market for newcomers and air ride experts alike. The SwitchSpeed system's controller provides intuitive control over individual air springs, as well as front/rear paired controls and an "all down" button for parking. The system does NOT have preset heights so the use of a gauge is highly recommended for safe operation.

The SwitchSpeed name is derived from the system's main feature: three programmable valve adjustment speeds (#1, #2, and #3 buttons on the left side of the controller). These valve adjustment speeds will flutter the valves open and closed to slow the rate of flow as the user holds a button down. The #1 setting flutters the valves slowly, the #2 setting flutters the valves quickly, and the #3 setting will keep the valves open as long as you’re pressing the button (does not flutter). The user is able to change the speeds of the #1 and #2 buttons through the settings menu on the controller to meet their desired rate of flow.

If you'd love an e-Level system but it's currently out of your price range, SwitchSpeed is the perfect option for you since it can be easily upgraded to e-Level with the AccuAir e-Level Upgrade Kit!

Every button on the SwitchSpeed Controller offers a 'crisp' tactile feel and is backlit with crystal white LED’s for clear daytime and nighttime operation. The controller communicates with the ECU via a 20-ft mini-USB cable which can be plugged into the controller in either the bottom or the back-side to suit your desired mounting method.

The SwitchSpeed system includes a digital pressure sensor that allows you to set your tank pressure cutoff to 150 PSI, 175 PSI, or 200 PSI. The digital pressure sensor also unlocks the SwitchSpeed’s built-in compressor protection feature which prevents overheating by automatically killing power going to your compressors in the event that your tank does not reach the target pressure within the system's expected time frame. Likewise, the system monitors your vehicle’s battery voltage and will automatically disable your compressor(s) should voltage drop below 11.5V.

AccuAir SwitchSpeed Features:
  • (3) User Definable Valve Speeds
  • Easy "All Down" Functionality
  • Manual Control Mode for each bag (individually or front/rear pairs)
  • Battery Voltage Monitoring
  • User Definable Compressor ON/OFF Pressure Cutoff (150 PSI, 175 PSI, 200 PSI)
  • Plug-n-Play Compatibility with the Bag Riders TouchBox Wireless Controller
  • Easily Upgradable to AccuAir TouchPad e-Level

AccuAirSwitchSpeed Analog Management Includes:
Gauge Kit Options:
Power Kit Options:
Installation Guides:
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