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  • Air_Lift_AutoPilot_V2_Air_Management_Package

Air Lift AutoPilot V2 Air Management Package

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The Air Lift AutoPilot V2 is one of the best selling managements on the market because of its price point and ease of installation. The V2 is a pressure-based digital management system that features eight user-programmable pressure presets as well as a manual mode for individual corner control. The V2 features an all-in-one manifold and ECU with internal pressure sensors making installation nearly effortless! The controller itself features a digital screen that displays the pressure for all four corners of your vehicle as well as the tank pressure, so you know what the system is doing at all times. The user-adjustable backlight color allows you to match the V2's screen to your car's interior lighting. Wiring up the AutoPilot V2 is pretty much as simple as it gets and no height sensors means quick install times.

AutoPilot V2 Features:
  • (8) User Definable pressure-based presets
  • Manual Control Mode for each bag (individually or combined)
  • Rise-on-Start
  • Automatic System Calibration
  • Compressor Wear-Down Testing
  • Compressor Timer
  • User Definable Compressor ON/OFF Pressure Setting
  • User Definable Controller Screen Backlight Color and Brightness
  • User Definable Unit of Measurement (PSI/BAR)

Bag Riders AutoPilot V2 Management Includes:
  • Air Lift AutoPilot V2 System
    • Combined ECU/Manifold Unit
    • ECU/Manifold Mounting Hardware
    • AutoPilot V2 Controller and Harness
    • Pre-assembled ECu/Manifold Wiring Harness with built-in Compressor Relay
    • Auto drain water trap
    • (2) In-line Fuse Holders (with fuses)
    • Wiring Terminals for hassle-free Installation
  • Aluminum Air Tank of your choice
  • Free Bag Riders Tank Fitting Pack (only compatible with tank options in the full kit drop down menu)
  • Compressor(s) of your choice
  • 40amp Relay(s) for your compressor(s)**
  • Bag Riders Relay Wiring Kit(s)**
  • Inflation Valve
  • Bag Riders Tank Drain Kit
  • Air Line Cutter Tool
  • (1) 60ft Bundle of DOT Approved Air Line
  • Free Bag Riders Vinyl Decal
  • 100% Free Technical Support - The Industry's Best!
  • ** Single Compressor kits will not include an additional relay, as a relay is built-into the AutoPilot V2 Wiring Harness

Power Kit Options:
Installation Guides:
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  1. DatGreen_EK4
    Number of Reviews: 1
    Member Since: 6/30/2017
    Amazing product, customer service, well ...
    on 12/14/2017
    Amazing product, customer service, well detailed instuctions
    review by DatGreen_EK4 (@datgreen_ek4) on 12/14/2017
    its been about 4 weeks since i installed, tested, and did some city driving as well as highway trips. And i absolutely love it, this is by far the best investment ive done to my car. I mean the comfort is wow, the car rides like factory suspension. The function is also amazing, very simple to understand and could easily drive up to any ramp, speed bump, and any road not mattering what condition its in. As far as highway driving, same as city driving. Very comfortable. Hardly ever feel any rough bumps, the air struts hold the air very well, and hardly ever hear the compressor kick in to fill the tank. Installation was also very well described and detailed in your included diagrams. All the necessary parts were there. Didnt had the need for any other parts that wernt included, air hose length was perfect for all 4 struts. I actually had left over hose left. So in conclusion this air lift performance v2 kit, is definatly the best kit out there. And i would recommend it to those who want to purchase thru your guys website. Very detailed instructions, fast shipping, and packaged up very well. Not a part was damaged everything checked out ok. Again thank you so much for this amazing product. I would defiantly recommend you guys to anyone who wants to go air ride on their car.
  2. Boostedgalvin
    Number of Reviews: 1
    Member Since: 6/9/2017
    Finest customer service EVER!
    on 6/25/2017
    Finest customer service EVER!
    review by Boostedgalvin (@boostedgalvin) on 6/25/2017
    The product itself was super easy to install with this pictures in the instructions making it simple. I've had it for a day but the ride is stiff but great ride quality is most definitely there. But, most importantly is the INSANE customer service. I had an issue with my payment so they were really quick to send my money back to reorder and they even helped me out getting everything as soon as physically possible. I wouldn't buy air products from anyone else, now it in writing. Thanks a lot to Will and his amazing team. Definitely worth the money spent!!! Highly recommend BAGRIDERS and Airlift V2 management. Low and simple.
  3. Wiscolowlife
    Number of Reviews: 2
    Member Since: 1/30/2017
    Exactly what I needed!
    on 4/4/2017
    Exactly what I needed!
    review by Wiscolowlife (@wiscolowlife) on 4/4/2017
    Auto pilot v2 is the bees knees! literally everything you could ever need with an air management system. super easy install and looks great with all the polished components! And also thanks to Bag Riders for some of the best costumer service I've ever had!
  4. Gti Joe
    Number of Reviews: 1
    Member Since: 1/30/2017
    Extremely pleased
    on 4/3/2017
    Extremely pleased
    review by Gti Joe (@Jagrestii) on 4/3/2017
    I have the v2 management paired with slam series bags on my mk6 gti and I love how the management functions. I would highly reccomend this to a first time buyer over the manual management. The install was a breeze and it has been functioning perfectly ever since I've owned it.
  5. mk5Ralito
    Number of Reviews: 5
    Member Since: 2/5/2017
    on 3/2/2017
    review by mk5Ralito (@mk5Ralito) on 3/2/2017
    amazing product, easy to use small controller, best management if you are in a budget 100% recommend this.
  6. Boobsandboost
    Number of Reviews: 1
    Member Since: 7/17/2016
    Second time buyer
    on 8/19/2016
    Second time buyer
    review by Boobsandboost (@Boobsandboost) on 8/19/2016
    I had v2 management on my B6 A4 that I got through a bagriders rep a couple of years ago, and after recently getting rid of the car and putting a 2017 Golf R on order, I knew I wanted to go the same route again with my air setup.

    Even after my Audi (trunk included) flooded out from a serious rainstorm, my v2 worked without an issue for the 2 years afterwards I owned it. And it's still working without issue with the new owner. Needless to say, if a setup can take on water and still work flawlessly, you can't go wrong. Nothing but the best experience with bagriders and autopilot v2. Highly recommend!
  7. Sawwuce_Bawse
    Number of Reviews: 2
    Member Since: 1/19/2012
    Great Kit
    on 6/30/2016
    Great Kit
    review by Sawwuce_Bawse (@sawwuce_bawse) on 6/30/2016
    I have v2 management on my 2012 Golf R and I love it. Precise accuracy with ride height psi, and it didnt break the bank!
  8. nick04
    Number of Reviews: 2
    Member Since: 6/7/2016
    on 6/22/2016
    review by nick04 (@nickcorf) on 6/22/2016
    quality parts with quick shipping and detailed instructions came with it!