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Air Lift Performance 3S Manifold

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Brand: Air Lift Performance

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Want our opinion?

Check out the blog post for our opinion on Air Lift's new 3S System along with everything else you need to know!

The 3S from Air Lift Performance is their entry level control system that gives you time based presets that can be controlled and set directly through your iOS or Android smartphone. Three other controller versions are available: Analog Switch Box (11 wire install), Air Lift 3P / 3S style controller (3 wire + USB connector), or the AutoPilot V2 controller (3 wire + JST connector).

  • Manually inflate or deflate up to 4 individual air springs (no pressure sensors so no automatic control)
  • Works with pressures up to 200PSI
  • Valve control and Bluetooth integrated into the manifold
  • 1/8" NPT ports on rear of manifold to support 5 pressure sensors (FL, FR, RL, RR, Tank) for pressure monitoring
  • Four harness versions available: App Only (3 wire install), Manual Switchox (11 wire install), ALP3 Display for 3S (3 wire + USB connector), APV2 Display for 3S (3 wire + JST connector)
  • All versions work with the free iOS and Android App for 3S
  • The free App supports configuring 3 time based presets which can be used to inflate or deflate multiple air springs with a double tap
  • The ALP3 display for 3S can be used to activate the time based presets that are configured using the App
  • Two configurable buttons on the App and the ALP3 display for 3S
  • Switchbox harness version can be used with any aftermarket switchbox such as AVS that provide 12V to the 3S manifold valve input wires when activated
  • In conjunction with the switchox harness version, the 3S can be used with other 4 corner aftermarket air suspension controllers that use 12V activation on the standard eight trigger wires (FL Inflate, FL Deflate, FR Inflate, FR Deflate, RL Inflate, RL Deflate, RR Inflate, RR Deflate)
  • The manifold supports wake-on-Bluetooth which allows customers to operate the system while ignition is off. You can wake the system up with your phone from outside the vehicle and it will power down after 1min of App inactivity.
  • Important Notes
  • Power kit, relay, pressure switch, and air line are required but are not included and are sold separately
  • This system is not upgradeable to a 3P or 3H system due to its lack of pressure sensors
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  1. its_aaronruth
    Number of Reviews: 9
    Member Since: 3/6/2020
    A Fantastic Piece of Hardware
    on 8/10/2020
    A Fantastic Piece of Hardware
    review by its_aaronruth (@its_aaronruth) on 8/10/2020
    The 3S manifold is a great piece of hardware to adapt existing switch boxes or management systems to a single manifold. I am running an Accuair e-level management system and needed a replacement manifold/valves. With Accuair closed, I turned to the experts at Bag Riders and learned that I could employ the 3S manifold with the e-level management system. I have been running this combo for a while now, and it is truly flawless. The 3S manifold is super easy to install, has incredibly handy ports for pressure sensors, and is very simple to wire-up. Whether you are looking for a simple to install and even simpler to use management system (via the bluetooth app) or are looking for a great manifold for your existing switch box, the 3S manifold from Air Lift Performance is a great option!