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Customer Review History

Anthony R.
Number of Reviews: 6
Member Since: 2/3/2016
  1. Rating
    An Engineering Marvel
    This management kit is truly one of a kind, from the design to performance to simplicity it is just perfect. This was a huge upgrade from manual management it even sounds better when I purge air. And the app is great for scene points and managing.
  2. Air Lift Slam Front Kit [75582]
    on 2/16/2017    
  3. Rating
    Like Butter!
    Was amazed how easy these were to install, the ride quality is better than stock it is almost mind boggling how cheap these are for their output. They get LOWWW!! However, Frame notch was required for me to air out with my setup.
  4. Rating
    Smooth sailing
    Super easy install and a great comfort while driving. They make my build that much more satisfying.
  5. Rating
    Best of the best.
    AirLift Performance makes the best air ride products for the price, I've yet to have an issue with these struts. The bags inflate almost instantly and offer an aggressive drop. Install was actually less than an hour and the struts and bolts went in like butter. You really get what you pay for.
  6. Universal Air Aero Sport
    on 5/25/2016    
  7. Rating
    These are great because they fit right over my coilovers and now I don't have to buy new struts to go with bags I just use my old coilovers with brackets that you can also get at bagriders.
  8. Rating
    Simple, yet satisfying.
    Great kit to start a bag set up, comes with almost everything you need. however, some couplings and some fittings I had to get specific to my setup but overall everything I really needed. I'm still on manual management and love it's simplicity.