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Member Since: 7/22/2016
  1. Slam Specialties SS-5
    on 9/13/2016    
  2. Rating
    Rear bags for veloster
    Not a bad option for the veloster, it provides plenty of lift and rides a lot better than stock due to the solid rear beam!
  3. Universal Air Rear Brackets
    on 9/13/2016    
  4. Rating
    Brackets for the veloster
    These brackets will work with some modification for the veloster. You will need to cut the spring perch and should be all set. Just measure twice and cut once!
  5. Rating
    Best management
    I was unsure at first if i wanted to go 3h, but like most people i go to a lot of shows and wanted a management where i didn't have to worry about being able to bring all my supplies and tools. With the 3h it doesnt matter if its just me in the car or a full car with a ton of tools the car adapts and rides amazing!