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Member Since: 11/27/2016
  1. Rating
    Just Perfect!
    This would be the second time getting a 3P kit and going through BagRiders and I'm just as satisfied as the first time around! This time we would be installing the 3P in my brothers S2000 and the 3P would be paired with Accuair's ENDO system. The combo of the two was astounding and remarkably convenient to put into the very small space of the S2k - it was like this combo was MADE for the it. I did have some initial questions about it and Keith was extremely helpful in explaining and answering every concern. I'm looking forward to getting the CT system myself for my Civic in the future. Highly recommended! I'd love to be an affiliate!
  2. Air Lift Performance 3P System
    on 6/4/2019    
  3. Rating
    Highly Recommended
    This is by far the BEST thing I have ever done to car. Everything is included in the package, which aids in the ease of installation. The Airlift 3P is straight forward install with easy diagrams to follow. I am not endorsed by them in anyway (but I wish I was) but this is a system that I highly recommend over anything else!