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Member Since: 1/30/2017
  1. Rating
    Very thankful they had these!
    so glad i was able to find these! i have an 08 dodge caliber SRT4 and not one company makes bags for my car... so once i saw these i said i had to do it! the fit was perfect on my front coilovers with minimal issues. but my rears did not fit. i had to do some custom cutting and welding on my top hats and control arms to make the bags even fit on the strut, but now that it is finished they work great! I would definitely recommend, just make sure you do your measurements correctly before buying. since they do say they will work on "MOST" BC coils.
  2. Rating
    Exactly what I needed!
    Auto pilot v2 is the bees knees! literally everything you could ever need with an air management system. super easy install and looks great with all the polished components! And also thanks to Bag Riders for some of the best costumer service I've ever had!