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Member Since: 2/14/2017
  1. Rating
    Good design, execution needs more precision
    I really like these tanks. Being able to rotate them to suit your setup is wonderful. Also being able to remove the tank with removing the mounting brackets is wonderful. I would, however, recommend chasing the threads in these tanks with a tap. In addition, my two tanks didn't quite have the ports drilled in the same locations as one another(which makes a two tank symmetrical setup difficult).
  2. Rating
    Well designed, high quality kit
    This is a very complete kit with everything you need. It's incredibly well designed, is built like a tank, and has one of the best controllers out there. I can't understand why you would buy anything else.
  3. SMC DOT Bulkhead Union
    on 4/26/2017    
  4. Rating
    Very high quality
    If you'd like to pass through a false floor or body panel this is the right way to do it. These are very high quality, seal well, and are in expensive. A cheap way to make your install clean.
  5. Parker Composite Plug-In Elbow
    on 4/26/2017    
  6. Rating
    Great for making sharp turns!
    When you have to have these, they're the only thing that'll do. I did have one that was bad right out of the box and the build could be a bit beefier. They do work though.
  7. Air Tank Drain Kit
    on 3/27/2017    
  8. Rating
    You need this
    No, really, you do. Not only are these important/necessary in keeping your tanks water free, they're great for testing/filling your system before, during and after the install in your car.