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Member Since: 10/24/2017
  1. Rating
    got the job done.
    So I know I have the skills to splice in a longer run of wires and solder everything back nice.. but voiding warranty was not on my to-do list. These are over priced imo. Are you listening AIR LIFT PERFORMANCE?? These ARE high quality extensions.. high quality just like everything else they offer... but not cheap. I will say they finished the setup off nice. I Just have to take off a few stars for price... but It's still the smart option if you need longer runs.
  2. Mead Dump Muffler Pair (3/8"PTC)
    on 8/29/2018    
  3. Rating
    I'm running two of these using a PTC tee fitting. I was really surprised at how much these muffle the sound of airing out. I almost can't hear it compared to how it was before. A little pricey for what they are... but worth the coin imo.
  4. SMC Check Valve
    on 8/29/2018    
  5. Rating
    Made to last.
    These are some of the very best check valves available. Completely rebuildable and works like champ. You can't go wrong running these.
  6. Parker Composite Plug-In Elbow
    on 8/29/2018    
  7. Rating
    Glad these are a thing..
    Sometimes you just need to make a hard turn right out of an existing PTC fitting.. and you sure can't do that with the air line itself. Im using several of these in my setup and have yet to experience any issues/leaks.
  8. SMC Flow Control Valve
    on 8/29/2018    
  9. Rating
    Nice finishing touch..
    My rear end would raise up faster than the front bags.. Grabbed some of these guys and now it will air up and down nice and level. It took just a few times raising the car up and airing out while making small adjustments to the valves to get things just right.. then just tighten the set screws and forget it. looks much cooler raising and lowering even if you ask me. worth it.
  10. Electric Air Tank Drain Kit
    on 8/29/2018    
  11. Rating
    why would you not have this???
    As cheap as this kit is... if you are on air, you need it! It doesn't get much easier than this to drain any water hanging around in your air tank.. or tanks. Im running this on 2 seamless 3 Gal tanks with a PTC tee fitting running both bottom tank lines into the electronic valve.. just run your line from the exit side of the valve to the outside of the car.. wire up to 12v and bingo. easy breezy. lol... push the button and no more water in your tank.. you can purge it even while your going down the highway. You need this.
  12. SMC Auto Drain Water Trap
    on 8/29/2018    
  13. Rating
    High Quality Water Trap
    Im running 3 of these guys on my setup and could not be happier. 2 of them in-between each of my 2 air compressors and tanks.. and one in line from tanks to the Air Lift Performance manifold. These are very well built and auto drain so you never have to worry about forgetting to check them. Just be sure you are not running over 150 PSI. I also added an electric air tank drain kit to finish out any moisture issues.. simple push button way to drain any water in your air tanks