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Member Since: 4/18/2018
  1. Air Lift Performance 3P System
    on 1/25/2019    
  2. Rating
    Not too Pricey
    Hey guys, I was looking into bagging my car and I found out about airlift. Their kits are very affordable and depending on your budget, they have other management kits that fall in your budget. I have had no problem with the airlift 3p management when I first installed it but over about a 2 week span, the management started to read the psi in the bags alittle off. When it was first installed the air out was 0 psi for all 4 bags but now its telling me that I have 0 psi on the driver side front and 24 psi on the passenger front but the rears are okay. Sometimes the ecu might tell you that your bags are leaking but I have checked my bags with soapy water and there is no leaks. Over all I would recommend the 3p to anyone that is looking to bag their car.
  3. Rating
    Perfect for cars with BC coilovers already
    I own a 2004 Acura TSX and these thread straight onto BC's extreme low coilovers with out a problem. The ride with these sleeved bags can either be stiff or ride like a cloud according to your dampening adjustments. I've had no trouble with installing these over my BC coils. Highly recommended for people who are already on BC coilovers or for people with cars do not have an airlift air strut kit.