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Number of Reviews: 2
Member Since: 6/29/2018
  1. Rating
    Fits the look of my overall build perfectly!
    I have a BMW 7 series and specifically wanted this tank to fit with the overall scheme of my car. I purchased this air tank and mounted it to the ceiling of my trunk for a floating tank set up. Behind the tank is my manifold suspended by the ceiling as well and everything looks perfectly uniform. I really couldn't be happier with how it all turned out.
  2. Air Lift Performance 3P System
    on 1/25/2019    
  3. Rating
    Happy with the functionality of the system.
    Airlift 3P works beautifully on my 2001 BMW 740iL.
    I would go as far as to say that any issues encountered with 3P are likely user error.
    I have not experienced any problems with my kit and an ecstatic with the overall control and functionality of the 3P management system.