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Customer Review History

Kevin Lu
Number of Reviews: 2
Member Since: 8/6/2018
  1. Viair 400C Compressor Dual Pack
    on 4/2/2019    
  2. Rating
    Good starting compressor pack
    Going with dual compressors help with my air up time. The Viair 400c dual compressor pack helps me achieve that fast air up time and is very affordable. I am happy that I chose this for my air ride setup and it has not failed me
  3. Rating
    Best struts I have ever used
    Before I switched to bags my ride was very stiff even though I was not riding that low. Now that I have switched to Airlifts Performance Struts it allows me to ride lower without losing my ride quality. I highly recommend going with the airlift front and rear kit for the strut setup for anyone that is planning on going with bags