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Customer Review History

Number of Reviews: 2
Member Since: 11/22/2018
  1. Air Lift Performance 3P System
    on 12/26/2018    
  2. Rating
    Very Good
    Decided to give this 4 stars just to a couple minor issues. Whenever I air out and turn my car off, I'll come back and start it and it says there's over 40psi in the rears, but yet they're aired out at 0psi. The other issuse is it won't connect to my Android phone. But other then that, this management is fantastic.
  3. AccuAir ENDO-CT 5 Gallon Air Tank
    on 12/26/2018    
  4. Rating
    Absolutely brilliant
    I have a Miata, so there's limited trunk space to begin with. I decided to mount the tank inside the car right behind the seats, I can reach my arm back and touch it, that's how close it is, and when the compressor kicks on it's still so quite I can only hear it when I turn my radio off. Awesome tank.