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Member Since: 3/20/2019
  1. Universal Air Rear Kit
    on 5/9/2019    
  2. Rating
    Great simple bag set up
    Great set up and very simple. My only complaint is they dont come with any sort of manual for the bags themselves. I dont know what the recommended PSI is for normal driving, just that they max at 110 per the airbag itself. The folks at Bag Riders have been awesome!
  3. Rating
    Great System! Easy Install!
    Loving tgis system, the install in my Challenger was ridiculously simple with everything in the trunk for you already, just the control wire has to go to the front. 1/4" lines work great if you want a slower drop, but they come up quickly enough that you can air up and go without sitting there and waiting. Definately would recommend to any of my friends looking for air!