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Member Since: 2/18/2020
  1. Air Ride Emergency Kit
    on 3/10/2020    
  2. Rating
    No meed to worry with this kit
    This kit will give you peace of mind that if trouble arises out on the rode you have it covered. You have a spare tire for a reason and the spare parts in this kit can save your a$$ if the need ever arises. Add this to your order so you know you have any emergency airlift issues covered.
  3. Rating
    Easy to install
    Easy to follow step by step instructions guide you through the whole install process. It is very easy and everything you need to know is covered in the instructions, including the torque specs of all the suspension bolts. Great kit!
  4. Rating
    Easy to install
    Illustrated pictorial guide makes install very easy and straight forward. I like the fact that the torque specs are included in the instructions, so no need to search for the values for any of the suspension bolts. Everything is easy to follow step by step instructions.
  5. Rating
    Great Management System
    The system is easy to install, take your time and lay it all out and anyone can do it. Height sensors take some time to figure out, but will be worth your effort. Kit comes with everything you will need to install with detailed illustrated instructions. I shopped around and BR has the best deal on the system, great customer service and ships quickly to your door.