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Number of Reviews: 6
Member Since: 11/18/2014
  1. Rating
    My front bags were starting to dry rot and split so I ordered these to replace them. Installation was a breeze and they even included new hardware as well as the strut mount rebuild kits to freshen everything up.
  2. SMC DOT Female Straight
    on 1/11/2019    
  3. Rating
    Just what I needed
    Works perfectly for connecting the leader lines to the airline. Good quality.
  4. Universal Air Air House 2
    on 1/11/2019    
  5. Rating
    Great bags
    These are a good quality bag, fits perfectly in the lower control arm with dorbritz cups, ride good, doesn’t require much psi and they go low!
  6. SMC DOT Equal Union
    on 1/11/2019    
  7. Rating
    Easy to use, durable and no leaks.
  8. 194 Gauge LED
    on 1/11/2019    
  9. Rating
    Works like a charm
    Ordered the white leds for the gauge backlight, nice bright white color.
  10. DOT Air Line
    on 1/11/2019    
  11. Rating
    As expected
    Durable, easy to route, cuts easily with airline cutter and seals up fine with ptc fittings. No complaints