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  • Tech: Air Ride Manifolds
    Tech: Air Ride Manifolds
    Taylor gives you the rundown on how air manifolds deliver air as well as the differences between the different types.
  • Video: Did We Break the 7 Series?
    Video: Did We Break the 7 Series?
    The BMW runs! but not how we want it to. Check out Part 2 of "Will It Run?" to see if we made a huge error when revamping the N63 engine.
  • Buy Now - Pay Later
    Buy Now - Pay Later
    Want an Air Ride Kit but can't afford the up front cost? If you are in the USA, we have a solution. Our financing partner allows you to split you air bag, or even complete Air Ride Kit order down into monthly payments. Best of all, Bag Riders will pay your Interest Payments for you*
  • Tech: Air Ride Compressors
    Tech: Air Ride Compressors
    Kevin will run through what a compressor does, as well as what CFM, Max Pressure, and Duty Cycle mean, to help you decide which compressor is right for your needs.
  • Black Friday Sale 2020
    Black Friday Sale 2020
    Our Black Friday sale has begun! Save up to 10% off on Air Lift Performance Brand Products until 12/4/2020!

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