In a community constantly growing and evolving, enthusiasts all over the world are pushing their builds to new extremes in an effort to stand out above the rest; a goal we feel Phillip Largent has achieved with his immaculate 3-series. Whether it’s the widebody kit or ground-scraping stance, Philips 335i is sure to catch your eye.



Under the hood of the 335i lies the N54 engine - a twin-turbocharged inline-six capable of producing higher horsepower numbers than the naturally aspirated V8 found in M3's of this era. German automotive enthusiasts can attest to both the longevity and capabilities of this engine. Philip has taken advantage of his N54's potential by upgrading to a larger, single turbocharger backed by an upgraded intercooler and fueling system. Fully equipped with an E85 conversion, the N54 roars to life and makes this 335i a wild ride.



Phillip didn't want your traditional widebody kit- he wanted something different and unique. He went big with a Duke Dynamic Widebody kit, and the craftsmanship and time put into producing it is immediately apparent. Topped off with a high quality finish by AMS Autowerks, this widebody sits beautifully on his gold wheels.



The suspension was going to be a key component to this build. It was apparent from the beginning that he wanted adjustability and performance - so he went to the professionals. The Performance 3P was going to have everything he wanted for his new build, and paired with high quality Air Lift Performance struts he couldn’t go wrong. His next challenge would be finding a set of wheels to bring this car together.



Finding the right wheels and fitment was no easy task. Philip knew he would need perfect fitment with a build this big so he sourced VIP Modular VXS-110 wheels that are 19x11 in the front, and a massive 19x13 in the rear. This fills his widebody up nicely, allowing for some outstanding fitment.



Phillip didn’t slack on his interior either. He paired high quality Braum racing seats and with an Autopower cage. He expressed the cage and seats stemmed from wanting to have that “race car” feel to go along with the raw power he was putting down on those meaty tires. To top it off, he switched to an OEM BMW Performance V2 Steering Wheel. This fits in just right with the rest of his interior - high class and performance driven.



Phillip’s car has the perfect mix of performance and luxury, while using only top notch parts to maintain the Euro style and ties the whole car together.


Owner: Phillip Largent 

Photographer: Arlen Liverman



⁃ Doc Race Single Turbo kit twin scroll

⁃ Precision 6466

⁃ Vrsf 7 inch intercooler

⁃ Vrsf charge pipe

⁃ Hks BOV

⁃ Ade port fuel injection kit

⁃ Fuel it stage 3 dual lpfp

- JB4 with MHD

- Full E85

⁃ Spec stage 3+ clutch

⁃ M factory SMFM



- Vip Modular VXS-110 19x11 Fronts 19x13 Rears



⁃ Duke Dynamics full Widebody kit

⁃ GTS carbon hood

⁃ CSL Carbon fiber trunk

 -Carbon fiber DTM headlights



-Air Lift Performance 3p

-Air Lift Performance Struts

-4 gallon Gallon Tank

-Single VIAIR compressor