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Many customers have been asking us, how to get setup with as low as 0% APR financing for my air ride or wheel purchase. It’s actually quite simple. 

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Aug 1, 2018 7:40:00 AM affirm, bag, riders, finance, financing, 12, months, interest, Accessories

Ride comfort and unparalleled versatility are two of the main reasons why many enthusiasts are choosing air ride over traditional coil-sprung suspensions. It is quite often that we receive inquiries from our customers asking how they can squeeze every last bit of performance out of their air ride; from getting their Volkswagen’s subframe on the ground to ensuring their high-powered Subaru is firmly planted in the corners of their favorite auto-x course, we’ve heard and helped through it all! This blog post will cover our recommendations and guide you through the steps of adjusting your air suspension how you best see fit.

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Jan 19, 2017 1:57:00 PM Accessories

October's Car of the Month pitted two gorgeous cars against each other. Tarek's Lexus came out on top this month, his new wheels pulled his IS200T together perfectly. This isn't Tarek's first build either, check out his instagram @strictly_stance to see more pictures and cars!

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Bag Riders is buying back old V2’s for $400 credit toward anything on our site, including new management systems!Read More
Check out our September 2016 Car Of The Month winner, this month we had an Mk4 VW Jetta face-off. Click here for more shots of this sweet build!Read More
AccuAir just announced their ground breaking new product, the ENDO tank, which helps clean up trunk setups by moving your air ride system's valves INSIDE of the tank! If you're going for the simplest air suspension trunk setup possible, you definitely need to consider the ENDO tank from AccuAir! Not only does the ENDO tank clean up your management setup, but it also makes installation quicker by reducing the amount of parts you need to complete your setup.Read More
Oct 7, 2016 1:22:57 PM accuair, endo, air tank, endo-t, endo-vt, Accessories
Have BC BR coilovers? We have a cost-effective solution to helping you join the air ride community. New OCD BAGS are able to thread directly to your existing coilovers to revolutionize the bag-over-coil system.Read More
E90 AWD Kits are now available! Enjoy 4.8" of drop in the front and 5.8" in the rear, with 30-way adjustable damping, threaded shock bodies, camber plates, and absolutely no modifications necessary!Read More
We had a great month for photo submissions, picking a winner wasn't easy! Are you on air ride? Let’s see it! We’re continuing our Car of the Month all year long and we want to see your car. The winner of each month will get a space in our 2017 calendar that we will be releasing at the end of the year. We’ll also need your help choosing one overall winner to be on the calendar cover, and the winner will receive a private photoshoot with a professional photographer as well as store credit to! Photo submissions should include 5 high quality photos, DSLR preferred, please no cell phone photos.Read More
August was a great month for air suspensions with the introduction of the Porsche 911 964 kit; we're kicking off September with a bang and now accepting orders for the F30 kits that were just released!Read More
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