After discovering how seamless it was to connect the AccuAir ENDO-CT to the Air Lift 3P/3H system in our last blog post, we decided to take it a step further and test the combination of the ENDO-CVT and an AccuAir SwitchSpeed system. AccuAir’s ENDO-CVT instruction manual explains how to repin the e-Level harness, but doesn’t mention anything about the SwitchSpeed so we wanted to see if it was possible! Our Marketing Director, Zach Wilson, volunteered to upgrade his Lexus LS400's SwitchSpeed management for this test. In the following article we'll touch on parts of the install, our results, and some recommendations.

To save on trunk space, Wilson decided to mount the tank on the upper deck of his trunk. While the CVT has adjustable mounting feet, you cannot mount this tank upside down because of the way the compressor is situated inside of the tank. The CVT needs to be installed right side up for the compressor's vibration isolators to work properly and to prevent damage to the compressor itself. Since Wilson wanted his system installed in this orientation, he needed to move the mounting feet to the back side of the tank. AccuAir includes an allen wrench for this process but during removal of the mounting feet, 2 of the 6 allen bolt heads stripped.. forcing Wilson to use vice grips to loosen the bolts from the tank. Upon further inspection we noticed that AccuAir was using red Loctite on these bolts, which is designed for permanent use. We reached out to AccuAir about their use of red Loctite on these bolts and they said that they are now using blue Loctite instead of red, so it shouldn't be something that customers experience in the future. AccuAir promptly sent replacement bolts and recommended that if anyone were to run into this same issue (which shouldn't be common) to use some heat and vice grip pliers to remove the bolts as a last resort. Be aware that using vice grips will mar the hex bolt heads so be ready to replace those. Also another thing to note, Wilson wound up taping his tank with painters tape to prevent any accidental scratching when removing the bolts with vice grips so if you find yourself in this situation, be sure to protect your investment!

The wiring for the ENDO-CVT is not something a first time modder should attempt unless you have previous experience with wiring. Regardless of who is installing your control system, we recommend reading through the manual thoroughly before beginning. AccuAir does a great job of providing instructions on how to set up the wiring for the ENDO-CVT with an e-Level TouchPad System (which includes repinning of wires inside of connectors) but they don't mention anything about wiring up this tank with a SwitchSpeed system.

The ENDO-CVT requires an AccuAir adapter harness to operate the valves. Fortunately, the adapter harness plug connects to the SwitchSpeed harness without any issues, so no extra wiring is required. The most involved part of this install was repinning the SwitchSpeed main harness. After looking at AccuAir's included e-Level repinning diagram, we noticed that the wires from the CVT corresponded with different locations on the main system harness. Luckily they all use the same colored wires for the same functions so it was easy as matching the colors between the harnesses. Take a look at AccuAir’s e-Level repinning diagram below for an idea of what needs to happen. In short, you make four changes:

  • Remove the red pressure sensor wire from the SwitchSpeed harness (you no longer need this)
  • Remove the black pressure sensor wire from the SwitchSpeed harness you no longer need this)
  • Remove the yellow compressor trigger wire from the SwitchSpeed harness and replace it with the Analog Harness yellow wire
  • Remove the green compressor trigger wire from the SwitchSpeed harness and replace it with the Analog Harness green wire

Repinning is pretty straight forward as well. AccuAir demonstrates it with a very small flathead screwdriver, but we found a normal pick to be just as useful. The pins are held in by a small tab in the middle, and once you unlock the tab the pin slides right out!

Once the install was done, everything worked as expected. Although the SwitchSpeed includes a variable valve control feature that flutters the valves open and closed to adjust the rate of air flow, it is not a substitute for the function of regular flow control valves. This feature allows you to adjust the OVERALL rate of speed in which your vehicle moves, and when paired with the ENDO-CVT you're also able to adjust the rate of flow for each corner of your vehicle through the built-in flow controls on the tank. The SwitchSpeed system paired with the ENDO-CVT (or ENDO-VT for that matter) provides you with the ultimate ability to adjust air flow to get the perfect air-up and air-down speeds. All in all, this is a great setup that we highly recommend to those who want to pair it with a SwitchSpeed.

Shortly after Wilson had finished installing his ENDO system, AVS (who manufacturers air ride components and accessories) released their own harness to extend the SwitchSpeed/eLevel ECU to valves extension harness. You might find it useful for remotely mounting the ECU.

A special thanks goes to @aleccoutinho for the photos!