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FeelAir BP4 Air Management System

FeelAir air management system


The FeelAir BP4 air management system. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. Regardless, FeelAir's pressure based air management is a great way to control your vehicle's air suspension. Extremely responsive, nice button feel, quick and accurate at hitting preset heights. This is what an ideal pressure based air management system is made of. After testing tons of other options, and landing on the FeelAir BP4 as something that we're excited to run on our own personal cars, Bag Riders is happy to introduce a new air management offering!


Features of the FeelAir BP4 Air Management

  • 3 pressure based, user defined, presets
  • Dedicated all down button
  • Rise on start feature
  • Air out on shutdown feature
  • Manual mode for individual and paired air spring control
  • Thin digital controller with backlit screen
  • Mobile app (no additional hardware required)
  • Combined ECU and manifold for easy mounting
  • 1 year limited warranty


FeelAir air management kit


How Did We Choose The FeelAir BP4 Air Management?

Recently, air management offerings by the top brands in our industry have grown a bit stale with a lack of innovation and new product releases. Customers consistently ask us if there's anything updated coming out, which led us to purchase and test a few new management systems. Our own Bag Riders Super Low line of air suspension created a huge need for real life testing of our suspension components on each vehicle that we release. With all of the additional driving and testing we put behind the Super Low air suspension products, we realized this was the best time to get us out of the office and get some real life testing of new products that we could potentially offer on our site.

After testing six new, never before offered, air management systems over the course of the past year, it came as no surprise that they all sucked.. except for one. The FeelAir BP4. After further extensive testing, we decided that the FeelAir BP4 is indeed something that we're happy with running on our own personal cars. Superior accuracy at one of the best price points in the industry, what's not to like? This is a management we're willing to stand behind. As for the other air management systems we tested. Well, they found themselves a nice home in the darkest, dustiest corner of our warehouse. 


FeelAir air management system in car closeup


What We Like About The FeelAir BP4

  • Quickly and accurately achieves preset heights - honestly better than some of the top air management brands on the market
  • Less confusing settings - works perfectly right out of the box without the hassle of trying to figure out a menu system or reading through complicated instruction manuals
  • Digital pressure readouts to know what's going on with your air suspension at all times
  • Mobile app that doesn't require any additional expensive hardware to run - again, works right out of the box!
  • Excellent wiring harness design, look and feel - weird one right? But this is the nicest wiring harness we've seen.
  • One of the easier management installs thanks to wiring harness and manifold design


What We Dislike About The FeelAir BP4

  • You can only use the app when the controller is plugged in. The bluetooth module is located inside of the controller and not the manifold. So if you lose or somehow break your controller, the app can not be relied on as a backup.
  • The controller case is plastic and not made of metal like the industry leading controllers. We're reaching for a dislike here, as the plastic casing is actually pretty nice. 


FeelAir air management controller in car

Should You Buy The FeelAir BP4 Air Management System?

Yeah! You should absolutely consider buying the FeelAir BP4. With its robust features, acurate and quick preset hits, easy install, and lower price point when compared to the leading digital air management controllers on the market. We think the FeelAir BP4 is a no brainer. 


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If you have any questions about the FeelAir BP4 air management system, let us know! Hit the chat button on the site to chat with us directly, shoot us an email to, or give us a call at (844)-404-7344.