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New Super Low Kit: 10th Generation Honda Accord

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The 10th Gen Honda Accord Super Low kit just dropped! Which platform do you think we'll release next? We're launching new kits every two weeks. 


Honda Accord


The Honda Accord has been known for being a practical commuter for 4 decades… but driving should be fun. Our Super Low air ride kit invigorates the Accords driving experience, making it feel like a sports car. Riding low is just what this car needs. Plus, they look great on air. 



Unlock the secret to the most aggressive drive heights ever achieved with a Super Low air suspension kit for your 10th Gen Honda Accord. 


Honda Accord 10th Gen Super Low Products:

- Super Low Front Kit

- Super Low Rear Kit

- Super Low Air Ride Kit with Air Lift 3P/3H


Get yours now, if you have any other questions, hit us up at (844)404-7344 or shoot us an email at Our hours are M-F, 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time. 



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