Say hello to innovation. British company Only Charged Dubs (OCD) has created an air spring that is capable of threading directly onto the shock cartridges of BC BR coilovers.


How are these different from universal bag over coil systems?

Air Suspension enthusiasts and professionals alike may be familiar with the Aero Sport air spring; this is what has been used in bag-over-coil setups since it hit the market years ago. The Aero Sport design is unique in that it features a metal cylinder through the center of the spring (creating a “donut” shape) which allows the spring to be slid over the shock cartridge, replacing the coil spring on many compatible OEM suspensions and coilovers alike. While very practical and clever, the design of the Aero Sport has a couple shortcomings: it is not often a bolt-up installation, but more importantly the metal cylinder prevents the spring from collapsing to a height comparable to “normal” air springs. The new design from OCD ditches the metal cylinder in favor of an o-ring seal (the same design implemented by all air suspensions on the market currently), which allows the spring to collapse to a much shorter height than the Aero Sport while also providing a better ride quality due to its larger volume.



What’s really shaking up the universal game is the introduction of bag-over-coil sleeve style bags. There were previously no rolling-sleeve style bags for bag-over-coil setups, but OCD’s new BAGS come in both single bellow and sleeve style! What does this mean for you? It means alternatives to bellow bags in low clearance areas, in cars such as Subaru’s, BMW’s, and Audi’s.



How will these fit my BC BR’s?

Some of you might be thinking, how can OCD BAGS fit all BC BR coilovers if they’re not all the same? Well they come in both 12mm and 14mm shock rod sizes to fit almost all variants of BC BR coilovers. Below you can see exactly how to determine the right shock rod size:



How much drop can I expect to get?

Let’s start with universal air bags height. Universal Aero Sport bags compress to only 4” which is pretty great, however that measurement doesn’t include two .5” brackets that are necessary to attach them to the coilovers; this brings their total compressed height to a respectable 5”. OCD BAGS are able to compress all the way down to an extraordinary 3.5”, no brackets necessary. That frees up an extra 1.25” to drop it even lower!



What kind of price tag are we looking at?

Each bag (regardless of type) is $250.00, for a total of $1,000 for all four. To put this in perspective, typically an air ride suspension (excluding a management package) will run from $2,000-$2,400. So if you already have BC coilovers, you don’t need to sell your coilovers to upgrade to air ride, but instead can upgrade your coilovers. Unlock the full potential of your BC coilovers by adding adjustable spring rates via the pressure in your air bags!



How hard are they to install?

One of the greatest features of OCD BAGS Is their simple, elegant design - which means a quick and easy install. While they will come with instructions, here is a step-by-step on how to assemble them:




Do you have them in stock?

These bags are in stock and ready to ship, both sizes and styles are in our warehouse right now. Please consult a sales associate prior to purchasing, some measurements may be necessary to ensure proper fitment. OCD BAGS are not compatible with separate spring and shock systems.


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Thank you @Thrashed_Z34 for providing the red 370z and photos.

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