Those of you who have been following our social media for a while now are no strangers to Tarek’s Lexus IS200t, hailing from New Jersey. Tarek’s build has been in the hands of Diogo over at AMS Autowerks for the past two years, undergoing a transformation from a bags+wheels build all the way to to full wide-body with a new ARK Performance kit. Out went the cast Rotiform wheels, in favor of a much wider set of AG F431s to fit up perfectly with the new kit.

If you know about the Subie scene, you might remember the name Nate Salukas. Known for is previous “GD” generation WRX build, gloss maroon wrapped, sitting on BBS LMs. For this go around, SalukDogg is following a familiar path with a factory Pure Red 2016 WRX, and sticking to the classics, he’s outfitted it with Work Meister S1 wheels. To get the desired drop, a complete Air Lift Performance Air Ride Suspension was added (no surprise there). SalukDogg only just picked this gem up a year ago so there’s still plenty of time for him to build it up!

Goldstein, or Goldsteina as I like to call him, is another Tri-State legend. He’s been progressing his BMW M3 (e92) project since early 2014, and that’s a long time to hold on to a car in this age of bagging leases. That isn’t to be taken as a criticism, but rather a complement. When we first worked with Goldstein as a booth car he was running a nice set of BBS RSIIs up-converted from the 18” diameter the Germany intended to a more impressive 19” spec. Since then he swapped to a set of 19” Racing Dynamics, a style change that we welcome, but damn, I think I’m going to miss the RSIIs! Goldstein runs a unique Broadway Pneumatic suspension, from the makers of Broadway Static. We’re actually testing a set of these on Will’s personal 240SX project, so stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for updates on that!

Vic, with his all out House of Kolor re-sprayed Pavo Purple Legacy, made quite a splash at Tuner Evo Philly. Vic picked up an unmodified Subaru Legacy GT (these share the same engine as the WRX) in 2015, and has been going nuts since! Seen here with Work Meister M1 wheels fitted, slammed on Air Lift Performance Suspension .