Waterfest 23 was as hot and fun as ever. We decided to mix things up by trailing John Hall’s 2006 WRX down again (build thread here). Wouldn’t you know it, his meticulously shaved bay was appreciated by the Volkswagen / Audi nuts, who have been shaving Mk1 and Mk2 bays since the 90s! (That’s right, we were doing it way before you Subaru people).

Paulo Miao showed up with his pristine Light Silver B5 S4 Avant, sporting a classic set of RS’. Along with the rest of our booth cars, Paulo’s Avant was sitting on an Air Lift Performance Front and Air Lift Performance Rear suspension. Keep those wheels clean Paulo!

Kevin rocked a clean set of 16” > 18” RS upconverts complete with bright purple hardware and matching billet hexes on his 2008 Rabbit. These tie nicely with his general theme of purple, have you seen his interior?

Next in the line-up was Matt with his Alpine White E46 M3. Again with a stylish set of German upconverts, Matt ran BBS RSIIs stepped flawlessly from 18” to 19”. His coupe sits on Air Lift Performance Front Suspension, and an Air Lift Performance Rear Kit.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll be familiar with Matt Witalis, our April 2016 Car of the Month (as selected by our faithful followers on social media). Matt showed up to Waterfest 23 in his 2014 Volkswagen Jetta, looking fresh with a new copper finish on his wheel centers.

Rafael arrived Sunday in is supercharged LCI e93 M3. His interior and trunk work were on point. If you’ve had a chance to watch our Elite Tuner: Cars and Coasters Video you will have noticed Rafael has updated his wheels to full-copper Rotiform IND-Ts. If you didn’t make it to the show, be sure to give that video a look, for a better look at his detailed interior trim work, and unique trunk setup.

Vinny, the man the myth, the legend. His Fahrenheit Yellow MkV GLI is no stranger to Waterfest. Featuring a completely redone interior, 3.2L R32 engine, and shaved bay (by Hardlinesbyswoops), it stands out from the crowd of cookie cutter builds. You might be asking yourself, was different about his car this year? Well he’s taken off his one-off wheels (designed by Vinny) in favor of a clean set of BBS RFs. See you all again next year!

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