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What is Air Lift's Stance Guard?

Air Lift 3P/3H - Stance Guard


If you calibrated your Air Lift 3P/3H system (since its recent update) and now you can't change your ride pressure/height while driving, then keep on reading. This is for you... Today we're talking about Stance Guard! 


What Is Stance Guard? 

The tricky thing about "Stance Guard" is that it encapsulates two different things.

The first is a setting found in the initial calibration of your Air Lift 3P/3H management system that actually prevents you from making pressure/height adjustments while in motion. When you calibrate your car's 3P/3H system, the words "Stance Guard" will pop up in a series of options on your controller, and it's easy to turn on by accident if you don't know what it is.

The second thing that's considered "Stance Guard" is an actual physical module that you can purchase separately from your air ride kit for about $250. This module sets off an audible beep whenever you're below the set driving pressure/height—even if you're aired out at a complete stop, like at a show, or if you're just parked somewhere. The module will continue to beep (and won't stop unless you shut the vehicle off or air back up), and that's its only function. 


Who Is Stance Guard For? 

In some countries, a "beeper" device like this may be required in order to pass inspection. Some even go as far as saying that adjusting your ride height while moving is unsafe. If you're unsure whether your laws require you to have a device like Stance Guard, contact your local legislation. Though, in most places, it won't be a necessary addition. 


Things To Keep In Mind About Stance Guard 

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering enabling or purchasing Stance Guard. For example, let's say you're driving when all of a sudden you come up to a construction zone where the road is looking a bit rough... You're going to need to air up over all the bumps, so you don't ruin your car. But, if you have Stance Guard enabled, you won't be able to air up on the fly. You'll have to come to a complete stop and wait for five seconds for your controller to unlock in order to permit you the ability to air up so you can safely proceed forward through the construction zone. It may not sound like a lot, but stopping for five whole seconds in the middle of the road will not only upset everyone behind you; it could also be incredibly dangerous too.

Having the ability to air up and down whenever you want is a massive benefit of air suspension, which is why we can say with certainty that none of us at Bag Riders will run Stance Guard in any of our vehicles.


How To Disable Stance Guard 

Our support team hears all the time about how a customer is locked out of their Air Lift 3P/3H Controller when they're driving and have no clue what's going on or how to fix it. If this has happened to you, it probably just means you accidentally enabled Stance Guard during your initial calibration. To disable/turn-off Stance Guard, you'll need to simply begin by holding the buttons directly above and below the center "Air Lift" button, which will bring you to the "Stance Guard" setup menu. In this menu, you'll need to choose the "disable" option and then click the center "Air Lift" button to save that setting selection. Then you're all done! You'll now be able to use your controller when driving.

Watch the video below to see it being done on a real controller. 


Watch The Video From Our YouTube Channel 


If you ever have any questions about Stance Guard or anything else that's air ride related, always feel free to hit us up at or (844)404-7344 to chat with our knowledgeable support team.