Take a peek at America's largest Subaru car show! With over 10,000 people and a whole lot of Boxer Rumble, this makes one crazy event! Wicked Big Meet connects thousands of enthusiasts, performance shops, and vendors from all over the US to educate and admire unique builds. Below are a few photos of cars we chose to represent us! 

Subaru WRX STi @tonyy_banana

Subaru WRX @john_br
Nissan 240SX @and_ian 
Subaru WRX @codeine_wrx
Subaru WRX STi @pandasti
Subaru WRX STi @dylanjengle
A special Thank You to @Superrlo for all of the great photos!
Are you interested in putting your Subaru on air? Take a look at some of our most popular kits below!

Want to see more photos from WBM? Click HERE for our flickr.