Wolfsgart 8 was reminiscent of last year’s event, only better. While it wasn’t necessarily bigger, the quality of the cars, both in and out of the show’s elite “Alpha Class” has been steadily on the rise.

Eric Gilman came out again with his Mk6 Jetta. You might remember it as our calendar car for the month of August, seen here.

Jess Burelle’s M3 bodied BMW e92 335i is no stranger to the indoor arena at Wolfsgart. Jess switched it up this year, ditching the AG Wheels in favor of the Rotiform BMI. Here’s a second shot of Jess posted up at the Bag Riders Block Party, August 4th 2017. See you again next year Jess!

John Hall's WRX Wagon, I don’t need to tell you guys anything more about this thing, you already have read about it in our numerous other blog posts. For some reason this beast seems to make an appearance at nearly every show we go to, Euro or otherwise! Anyhow, his bay looks alright, if you’re into that. Build thread here.

Traveling now from the showground to Air Out Winooski (no Winooski isn’t some term invented by the show organizers, it’s the name of the town that hosts the Air Out event). We only took a couple of shots from this key after meet (Saturday August 5th, 2017), and I think Sam Dobbins’ GTI RS deserves to make an appearance, sporting Mk7 GTI BC Racing coilovers, Vossen LC Series Forged wheels and a Pandem kit by TRA KYOTO. Full build details here.

Also worth mentioning, Bag Riders’ own Keith is now driving a Pearl White e46 M3, pictured here on OZ Breyton wheels. This was the first car event for his M3, and we're stoked that he’s now part of the air ride family!