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Only Charged Dubs, or OCD, is a UK based G-Lader supercharger specialist and manufacturer of air suspension products. They are the creators of BAGS by OCD which features air springs that are designed to thread onto BC Racing coilovers.

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  1. OCD BAGS O-Ring (3.5mm x 11mm)

    This 3.5mm x 11mm o-ring is used to replace the upper bag o-ring found in the OCD BAGS double bellow and sleeve style bags. Installation is as simple as unbolting the bag from the strut and swapping out the o-ring.
  2. OCD BAGS for BC Racing Coilovers (Sleeve Style)

    The sleeve style BAGS by OCD is an air spring that is specifically designed to thread onto BC Racing BR Type Coilovers! If you're thinking about bagging your car but might want to go static later on, these bags are what you need without breaking the bank! Sold individually.

    For detailed information, and photos check out our Blog Post on the OCD BAGS and the installation video below!

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2 Item(s)