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HYBRIDair is ecstatic to offer the only no-compromise approach to having your stance, and using it too. This patent pending innovation is robust enough to stand up to the demands of daily use, yet surprisingly simple to adapt to your vehicle's existing coilover suspension system.

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  1. HYBRIDair 2 Corner Coilover Lift Kit

    Have a favorite set of coilovers that you don't want to replace, but wish you had the functionality of an air suspension setup? Well look no further! HYBRIDair out of Ontario, Canada has the solution. Their 2 Corner Coilover Lift Kit allows you to install a bag on top of your coilover without adding any stack height. That's right.. ZERO stack height!

  2. HYBRIDair Hideaway Air Management Package

    The unique design of HYBRIDair coilover lifts allow for up to 5" of ride height lift, while requiring only a fraction of the air a traditional air ride system would need to accomplish the same task. This provided the opportunity for our management kit to be compact & simplified, allowing you to easily tuck it away where it fits best, potentially even hiding it altogether. Thus, The Hideaway was born. While the dimensions have been kept small, it packs a serious punch! Filling from min to max pressure in under 9 seconds means you will rarely have to listen to compressor buzz. Components come pre-mounted to a wooden board to make for a simple install.

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2 Item(s)