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  1. 034Motorsport Adjustable Rear Toe Arm Kit

    These rear toe arms from 034Motorsport are perfect for those who have lowered their car on an air suspension setup and are looking to make precise toe adjustments.
  2. 034Motorsport Adjustable Front End Links

    These adjustable end links from 034Motorsport are perfect for those who have lowered their car on an air suspension setup and are looking to prevent sway bar binding.

  3. Air Lift Performance Front Camber Plate Set

    This camber plate set from Air Lift is a direct replacement for the ones that come pre-installed on Air Lift's Performance Series front struts.
  4. KW Suspensions EDC/ESC Cancellation Kit

    KW's EDC/ESC Cancellation Kit is designed to get rid of those annoying dash lights that pop up when upgrading your stock suspension that came with electronically regulated dampers. KW's system shuts down the electronic damper module and the trouble code is avoided. This kit is a simple plug and play solution that can be used without damaging the existing OEM control unit.

  5. Koni Sport Rear Shocks

    Koni is the industry leader of adjustable damping shocks for both daily drivers and weekend warriors alike. The shortened shock bodies allow you to roll lower and the adjustable damping feature gives you the ability to dial in your comfort level.

    Need instructions for adjusting your Koni Sport Shocks? Look no further! We’ve got you covered in our Air Ride F.A.Q.


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  6. 034Motorsport Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms

    034Motorsport's rear adjustable upper control arms for the VW MK5 / MK6 / MK7 platform are manufactured from billet aluminum and feature genuine Aurora spherical bearings. These are a direct replacement for the stock stamped steel and rubber arms, and allow for over 4 degrees of camber adjustment on top of what the stock eccentric bolts allow.
  7. Air Lift Performance Rear Shocks

    The Performance Series rear shocks from Air Lift are designed to provide outstanding performance with height adjustability in mind. These shocks are 30-way damping adjustable and feature threaded bodies, which allows you to dial in the overall compressed height of the rear of your vehicle. If you’re running an aggressive wheel fitment where the wheel or tire could come in contact with your vehicle’s body panels, adjusting the threaded bottom bracket will allow your car to air out at the perfect height every time. Due to the adjustable length of these shocks, you won’t need to worry about sourcing / making the perfect sized bump stops which in turn allows for a quicker and easier install.
  8. Air Lift Performance Rear Kit [78662]

    Increase handling and lower the rear of your car with the Air Lift Performance Rear Kit. These 1/4” ported, double bellow rear bags provide a stable and comfortable, yet sporty ride. Purchase some fully threaded Air Lift Performance rear shocks to dial in your setup even further (sold separately).

  9. Air Lift Slam Front Kit [78562]

    The Slam Series XL Front Kit from Air Lift allows for the most aggressive stance without losing your ability to enter parking lots or get over speed bumps. The 1/4” ported double bellow bags provide a comfortable, stable ride while adding performance handling and allowing for maximum height adjustability.

    Kit Includes:
    • (2) Slam Series XL struts with double bellow air springs
    • (2) High quality upper mounts
    • (2) Stainless steel braided leader lines
    • (2) 1/4” DOT approved fittings
    • (2) 3/8” DOT approved fittings
    • Anodized end caps with corrosion resistant paint on the struts
    • All required hardware for installation
    • Detailed instruction manual with pictures
    • 1 year warranty from Air Lift
    • Free technical support
  10. D2 Racing RS Series Coilover Kit D-VO-20-2-RS

    The D2 Racing RS Series Coilover Kit D-VO-20-2-RS features a 36 way damping and rebound adjustable monotube design. These D2 Racing coilovers are perfect for the modified street car that also sees occasional track days. The D2 Racing RS Series Coilover Kit D-VO-20-2-RS has separate height and preload adjustments, allowing for optimal suspension tuning while maintaining full strut travel at all times.

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