Bag Riders Super Low Air Suspension for Nissan S13
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The whole package, build your own custom complete air ride kit with your choice of controller, management, and suspension.
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Find the right suspension for your vehicle to achieve the perfect handling and stance. We carry everything from bolt-in air suspension and coilovers to aftermarket shocks and control arms.
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Air ride controllers, compressors, air tanks, and more fittings than you know what to do with, you name it - we've got it, and you'll find it right here.
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  • Maxload Air Suspension Sale

    Maxload Air Suspension Sale

    Get 15% off Maxload Air Suspension for the month of April!

  • Common Reasons Your Air Ride Leaks

    Common Reasons Your Air Ride Leaks

    If your car is equipped with an Air Ride kit, it’s safe to say that you want to do everything in your power to keep your system air tight. Here we will name the primary reasons that you might experience an air leak in your setup so that you can hopefully avoid running into these issues during your air suspension journey.

  • Is Maxload Air Suspension Worth It?

    Is Maxload Air Suspension Worth It?

    When buying air suspension it is important to weigh out your options and figure out which kit fits your needs as well as your budget. Here we will be talking about the bang for buck brand, Maxload, to help you determine if their air suspension is worth picking up for your vehicle.

  • Air Suspension Financing

    Air Suspension Financing

    Financing with interest rates as low as 0% APR! If you're looking to finance your air suspension purchase, you can buy now and then pay it off early!