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Air Tanks

No matter what your needs are for your air ride build, we have a tank that will work for you. Air tanks hold the actual air that is used to fill up your air bags and lift your vehicle up. You will find what you need, from square tanks to steel tanks and everything in between, at The size of the tank should reflect your car's needs. A larger tank will hold more air, so if you have a large vehicle, this may be nice as it will take more air to lift it up, but it will take longer for your compressor to fill it. If you want to take up minimal amounts of space, go for a smaller tank but be aware that it will need to be filled by your compressor more often. Or you can even run multiple air tanks if that is the best way for your setup to work. Each vehicle and each build will have a different need or preference. That's where we come in. We aim to make buying air suspension as easy as possible. If you ever have any questions about your air ride setup, you can click the chat button in the bottom left corner, email us at or call us at 1.844.404.7344. Our experts are always happy to help.



Air Ride Tanks Explained

Air tanks store compressed air, generated by the air compressor, to later be used to fill your air springs. They serve a big role in your air suspension system that allows you to have compressed air on reserve for when you need it most. In this video, we cover tank construction, size, pressure, port layout, and finish to help you choose an air tank that best suits your build. Along with covering some of the most popular mounting locations.