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Management Packages

These air management packages are pre-made control systems compiled in-house by Bag Riders. Air management packages include the controller, manifold/valves, compressor, air tank fittings, air line, and wiring necessary for the controlling portion of your air suspension setup. We realize there are tons of options available, so if you’re new to air suspension and air ride, check out our FAQ section for some pointers! Be sure to contact one of our air ride experts by email, calling 1.844.404.7344, or using the live chat feature. Our air ride experts are always happy to guide you in the right direction!
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What's The Difference Between Height and Pressure Based Air Ride Systems?

The age old question: what's the difference between height and pressure based air ride systems? Simply put, in the world of air suspension, height and pressure do not equal the same thing. One system will reach its preset height every time (fender to ground clearance) and the other system will reach its preset pressure every time (the pressure inside of your air bags). Need a visual? Check out the video for more details and a demonstration comparing how height based and pressure based air management systems react on our Nissan Skyline R32.