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Threaded fittings are essential in every air ride management setup. Threaded fittings are commonly used for the ports on air tanks and as adapters to make use of other fittings that are not the correct size for the port in mind. Here you'll find reducer bushings, couplers, tees, plugs and some assorted threaded options like air tool fittings. If you have any questions about any of these fittings or need a recommendation on which ones you should purchase, don't hesitate to contact a Bag Riders air ride specialist for more info!
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What Are Threaded Fittings?

Threaded fittings are most commonly found on your air tank, but can be used in many different ways when building your dream air suspension setup. Reducer bushings can step down the size of an NPT port. Hex nipples allow you to connect components like water traps to your air tank. And specialty threaded fittings like air tool couplers allow you to run air tool accessories off or your management.

How To Measure NPT Threaded Fittings With Common Household Items

This might seem silly but you'll thank us later. We can't tell you how many times our customers ask for help on how to measure the NPT threaded portion of their air ride fittings. We've got the wrench method for figuring out the size of male threaded fittings and the battery method for figuring out the size of female threaded fittings. Keep in mind these tricks only work for NPT threaded fittings, which happen to be the most common threaded design found in air ride systems. Check out the video for more specifics on exactly which wrenches and batteries you'll need to get a hold of.