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Cheapest way to bag your car part 2 - Coilover conversion rear kits

In the last post on this topic, we talked about the way to bag your car for the cheapest cost of entry with Coilover Conversion bags. Today we will expand on this further by talking about the second part to that, rear Separate Spring and Shock coilover conversion kits.

What you should look for

When it comes to buying a coilover conversion kit for a car with separate spring and shock suspension in the rear, you don't want to just buy a universal bag and throw it in. Do some shopping around and see what manufacturers offer a rear bag that includes all of the brackets that are needed for your rear air bag to sit correctly in the spring bucket. One of the best options out there at the moment is Maxload, who sell rear bags for a large selection of platforms with all necessary brackets included in the box.

What is included in a Separate Spring and Shock Rear Coilover Conversion Kit

The contents of a rear separate spring and shock coilover conversion kit vary depending on what kit you buy but what they all include are the rear bags you will need for your install. Some brands will include brackets and other hardware for assembly, so if your platform needs these make sure to check that your kit includes them before ordering. This means that no matter what you will still need to supply your own shocks to use for the full install and any other air suspension components you might need like your management system or air line.

Installing Separate Spring and Shock Rear Bags

When it comes time to install your new bags and shocks into the rear of your car, it will go mostly the same way as any other suspension install on your specific platform. The main thing that you will want to make sure of is that you install the brackets or any other plates that came with your rear bags the way they are intended so that your rear bag fits as intended.

How do I order an air ride coilover conversion kit for my car?

If you have a separate spring and shock rear suspension setup and want to get your car on air ride without breaking the bank, these coilover conversion kits could be what you want! They still get your car sitting low and with brands like Maxload out today, it's never been easier to order a coilover conversion kit that will fit your car with very few compromises over a standard air suspension kit. If you are interested in buying a coilover conversion kit for your vehicle, you can find them here at Bag Riders.


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Check out the video below to learn more about installing coilover conversion bags!

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