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Firestone designed and patented the first Pneumatic Suspension Device, better known as the Firestone Airide™ Air Spring. Since that time, they have led the market in innovation and expansion. Today, they manufacture the world’s Number One air spring for light vehicles, buses, heavy duty trucks and trailers, rail cars and industrial applications

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  1. Firestone 9000 Sleeve Bag

    The Firestone 9000 is a sleeve style bag that is typically used on the rear of lighter vehicles that have a separate spring and shock. The Firestone 9000 replaced the Air Lift 58130 tapered sleeve bag. If your kit uses the Air Lift 58130 bags and you need a replacement, you will need to purchase the Air Lift Sleeve Bag Replacement Kit which includes (2) Firestone 9000 bags and hardware. You should not run a Firestone 9000 bag with the Air Lift 58130 bag. The bags are different lengths and mixing brands will cause your pressures to be different from side to side.
  2. Firestone 7150 Sleeve Bag

    Firestone 7150 Sleeve Bag
  3. Firestone 7076 Sleeve Bag

    The Firestone 7076 Sleeve Bag is one of the smaller sleeve style bags that we offer. Not the most popular bag in the world due to it’s lack of mounting holes but certain VW Mk4 kits and universal applications use this bag. When space is extremely limited, most turn to the Firestone 7076.
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3 Item(s)