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You GOTTA watch this!

We could bore you with lots of writing about how awesome our air suspension is, but why read more words when watch movie do trick?

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Are you new to air suspension and need a complete air ride kit? When you purchase a complete air ride kit from Bag Riders, you get everything you need for a complete installation, backed by the industry's best technical support. Bag Riders is the One Stop Drop Shop, and is proud to be the manufacturer and exclusive source of Super Low.

Shop Super Low Air Suspension Packages

Do you already have air suspension, but wish you could drive lower? If so, you're just like us, and Super Low is perfect for you. After many years, thousands of air ride kits sold, and countless installations on our own vehicles, we had not found a single air suspension that allowed us to drive as low as we wanted to, so we decided to make it ourselves! Hence, Super Low was born.

Why Super Low?

To put it simply: Super Low by Bag Riders is the only air suspension specifically designed for driving low. But how is this different than other air suspensions available today? The key difference is our air springs and damper characteristics. You will notice our air springs are smaller in size than the typical air springs you see. Our smaller air springs yield a higher spring rate at low drive heights when compared to every other air suspension available today. Our dampers feature extra-large 20mm rods when possible, which provide greater damping force compared to smaller diameter rods found on competing dampers. Finally, we are able to fine-tune our dampers using our in-house shock dynamometer to derive the perfect damping curve and ideal ride quality at low drive heights.

Stand Out Features

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Designed, tested, and built by the most trusted air ride experts in the industry. We proudly stand behind our craftsmanship and quality. Learn more.
  • Extra Thick USA-Made Air Springs
    We are proud to support our local and domestic industries with 100% USA-made air springs standard*, right down to the Texan rubber. Our air springs are up to 53% thicker than competitor air springs, and deliver higher spring rates at low drive heights.
  • Proprietary, Perfect Fit Brackets
    Every Super Low air spring bracket is designed by our in-house CAD engineers for a perfect fit, and machined from aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum to provide years of service life. Its simple: the best materials make for the best final product.
  • Built to Drive Low
    Super Low air springs yield greater spring rates at low drive heights compared to competitor offerings, while maintaining low frequencies for an ideal ride quality. Furthermore, our monotube motorsport dampers are tuned on our in-house shock dynamometer to deliver ideal damping forces for every application.
  • Adjustable Motorsport Dampers
    Our dampers come standard with 20mm rods which not only increase damping force, but also are stronger and quicker to dissipate heat than competitive offerings. Every damper features 32 clicks of damping adjustment, and is fully threaded to give you the ultimate adjustment capabilities.
  • Proprietary Upper Bearing
    We include a proprietary bearing design on McPherson strut applications pillowball upper mounts. This gives you the best of both worlds: a pillowball upper mount for that raw connection to the road, and smooth steering response that does not compromise the pillowball. 
  • More Camber Adjustability
    Our "extra camber, camber plates" provide up to 2 additional degrees** of negative camber to help you achieve that aggressive stance at the easiest point of adjustment: the strut tower.
* standard on all bellows applications.
** adjustment range varies; available on select applications