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Air Lift Performance 3H System

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Brand: Air Lift Performance

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The 3H from Air Lift Performance is both a height and pressure based management that features 5 preset heights and individual four corner air spring control. The height based sensors give the system the ability to automatically and accurately re-level when loads change (e.g., adding a passenger or traveling with luggage).

Installing height sensors is often a daunting task for the weekend mechanic, but worry not because Air Lift has designed the 3H so that it can operate in "pressure-only mode" in the event that you don't have time to get the sensors installed right away.. Or you just can't wait to test out your new suspension!

The 3H’s wired digital controller displays all four bag pressures as well as the tank pressure. The controller uses a full color, backlit screen and features a rotatable keypad which allows for either vertical or horizontal controller mounting.

Air Lift’s mobile app allows the vehicle to be put into a ‘show mode’ which enables you to remotely control the air suspension using your Bluetooth enabled smart phone (iPhone/Android) from a distance once the vehicle has been turned off. No additional hardware is required to use this feature, it is built into every 3P and 3H system! Future system updates can be applied through the app as well.

Air Lift’s digital management system utilizes a combined ECU and manifold which greatly simplifies the installation process. The included plug-n-play wiring harness will power a single compressor and if you’re planning on running dual compressors, you'll need to pick up the Air Lift 3H / 3P Second Compressor Harness.

  • (5) height and pressure presets
  • Automatic leveling (with height sensors installed)
  • lManual mode for individual air spring control
  • Digital controller with color screen
  • Rotatable keypad that allows for horizontal mounting
  • Mobile app (no additional hardware required)
  • System updates through mobile app
  • Combined ECU and manifold
  • Rise on start
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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  1. Vinh300z
    Number of Reviews: 3
    Member Since: 10/22/2015
    Second time around
    on 8/22/2019
    Second time around
    review by Vinh300z on 8/22/2019
    I had the air lift 3p on my 1999 bmw 540i for about 5 months then sold the car. Then bought a 2004 Mercedes cl55 amg.
    If anyone is familiar with this car, it has the abc Suspension on it; very ahead of its time. It handles very nice but far from a sports car witch it’s not. Every car I ever had I always do a lot of research on, and for this car. The weakest part and very costly is the factory abc Suspension. Easily over a grand and that’s not including labor. So I kept looking to see if there was any other suspension alternatives and long story short. I went back to air. I got Airtekk bags with airlift 3h this time around. Haven’t got to installing the height sensors yet but I just hope it’s better than the 3p in regards to accuracy.