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What Happened to Air Zenith?

Air Zenith Air Compressors - Out of Business


Did Air Zenith go out of business?

What happened to Air Zenith? That's the question that's on all of our minds. The staff and owners over at Air Zenith have seemingly disappeared, leaving their customers out to dry with open orders and unfulfilled warranty claims. We reached out to our friends and competitors alike to see if anyone else was getting through to Air Zenith and the story has been the same. Absolutely no communication from Air Zenith for the past four months (at the time of publishing this post). Unfortunately this isn't a simple supply chain issue, they seem to have ceased all operation of the business.

I really want to buy and Air Zenith OB2 compressor, but should I?

Knowing that Air Zenith has basically vanished, should you buy an Air Zenith OB2 compressor today? Probably not. Even though the OB2 comes with an industry leading 2 year warranty, you will receive absolutely zero support if you do end up having an issue, and since it doesn't seem like these are being produced anymore, you won't be able to find replacement parts either.

What if I need to make a warranty claim for my Air Zenith OB2 compressor? 

Unfortunately if you need to make a warranty claim for your Air Zenith OB2 compressor, or if you already had an outstanding warranty claim with them, you're out of luck. If no one from Air Zenith's dealer network is able to get in touch with them, you can be sure that your chances are pretty much nonexistent.

Are there any other air compressor alternatives?

Are there any recommended alternatives to the Air Zenith OB2, you might ask? Well, Air Zenith kind of had a special thing going and the OB2 was a bit of an anomaly (which is why we loved it), but overall we would recommend going with a compressor or two from VIAIR. The closest to Air Zenith's OB2 would be VIAIR's 480C compressor, but dual VIAIR 444C compressors always do the trick too. VIAIR has been around since 1998 and they're the industry leader of the air suspension compressor market. VIAIR also makes products specifically designed for the offroad, biking, RV, and industrial markets as well. VIAIR has been around for a long time, and they'll continue to be around for a long time so we strongly recommend going with their compressor products.

The Air Zenith OB2 Compressor - Who cares? What was so great about it?

Well for starters the Air Zenith OB2 looks pretty good. Gloss black paint with gold flake (they had other colorway options in the past) and an external cooling fan - these were definitely designed to bring a little extra style to your management setup. Even though they looked cool, their most important feature was that they could run at 100% duty cycle to 200 PSI while outputting a massive 4.25 CFM. Simply put, they were fast. In a lot of cases, you could run one Air Zenith OB2 and still out power a dual compressor setup from other brands. It's really too bad the OB2 is all but finished, but here's to hoping someone else comes out with something similar. Let us all pour one out for the Air Zenith OB2 - RIP 2023.


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