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Maxload Air Suspension Now Available

Maxload Air Suspension at Bag Riders


We've officially added Maxload air suspension products to the Bag Riders site! The Maxload air suspension products in our catalog added 30+ new vehicle platforms in the process! If we didn't have an air suspension option for your car in the past, be sure to take another look. 


Why Pick Maxload Air Suspension?

Maxload makes air suspension for those who are on a tighter budget, but still want a suspension that features 32 way damping adjustment, camber plates, and fully threaded strut bodies. While the Maxload suspensions won't outperform some of the nicer brands like our own Super Low line of products when it comes to driving low and aggressive handling characteristics, Maxload offers a great entry level suspension that gets your car on air for a reasonable price!


Who is Maxload Air Suspension?

Maxload is actually the main manufacturer of other "private labeled" air suspension options that have popped up in our industry over the past couple of years. What is private labeling you ask? It's simply when a company pays to put their logo on someone else's product without doing any of the actual product development, research, or manufacturing. So instead of buying a setup from someone who is slapping their sticker on a Maxload suspension and calling it their own - now you can purchase the original Maxload products and benefit from skipping over any silly markups. 


Maxload Air Suspension Product


Find Maxload Air Suspension For Your Car

To shop for Maxload air suspension for your car, click the link below. As always, if you have any questions about Maxload or need help finding the best air suspension setup for your car, send us a chat, email, or give us a call! 

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