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Universal Air Aero Sport Update

universal air aero sport update

Universal Air recently made a stealth update to their Aero Sport bag end cap design. The end caps changed from an ABS plastic to a new and improved billet aluminum! Why did they do this you ask? For one, the fitting ports are much stronger now that they're threaded into a chunk of aluminum. No more cracked plastic NPT fitting ports if you accidentally over tighten your fittings during your install excitement! 


A few things to note about the update:

  • The mounting hole spacing has changed... the old ABS plastic plates were spaced out by 3.5" and the new billet aluminum plates are now 3.45"
  • All new Universal Air Aero Sport compatible brackets sold by Bag Riders are spaced out by 3.45" to work with the new billet aluminum end caps
  • There is no new part number and the price remains the same. This is a rolling change (aka stealth update). Bag Riders no longer carries the older ABS plastic end capped Aero Sports


But what happens if I need to order a new replacement bag and I have the older style brackets?!

You'll have to do a little drilling to the mounting holes on your old brackets but you'll easily get enough clearance to make the bracket compatible without needing to buy new ones.

Universal Air recommends using a 25/64", 13/32", or a 7/16" drill bit to widen the existing mounting holes in your old brackets to give you enough wiggle room. 


Have questions about Universal Air's Aero Sport bag update? Click the chat bubble in the lower left hand corner of your screen! If you prefer phone or email, you can reach us at 844-404-7344 or email


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