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What Comes In My Air Ride Kit?

What comes in my air ride kit?


In today's blog, we're talking you through all the parts that'll come inside your air ride kit and what they do. 

Here at Bag Riders, we pride ourselves on the fact that when you buy an air ride kit through us, you'll have everything you need to install it without any confusion or unnecessary trips to the hardware store. Plus, finding the right kit will be a breeze for you. We've been the air ride experts for over 13 years, and we have fine-tuned our website to show you only the best products we trust and run on our cars. So, even if you're a first-time buyer, there will be no confusion when picking out your kit. 


The 2 Main Parts Of An Air Ride Kit 

Let's get into the kit; you can break down your air ride into two main parts: the actual suspension and the management. 


Air Ride Kit


The Suspension Part of "Air Suspension"

Let's start with the suspension, known as your air struts. Air suspension isn't a whole lot different from the suspension that is on your car currently. The only difference is that there will be an air bag instead of a coil spring. This allows you to inflate your vehicle up and deflate it down, giving you control of its height and still softening your car's ride. 


Air Bag Suspension


What Is Air Suspension Management? 

You may be asking yourself: "but how do I control the air within my system to make it go up or down?" Great question; this is done with the second half of the kit, your air management system. The management system includes a compressor(s), air tank, controller, manifold, and power kit. 




Your compressor condenses air into the air tank, your air tank traps, and stores the air for you, and the controller allows you to communicate with your suspension to tell it what you want it to do. The manifold helps distribute the air to each corner of your car, sending the air that moves you up and down. Finally, this can work thanks to a power pack connected to your car's battery. 

In addition to all of these larger aspects, each kit will come with all the fittings and the small (but necessary) parts that you need for your air ride, as well as all of the instructions on how to install your kit onto your car. 


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Hopefully, this blog helped give you a better understanding of what goes into your air ride kit. We understand that there are many confusing parts and pieces, so if you have any other questions, reach out to our super-helpful sales team at or call us at (844)404-7344!