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Air Lift Performance 3P Air Management Package

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The 3P from Air Lift Performance is a pressure based management that features 5 user-programmable pressure presets and individual, four corner, air spring control. The 3P’s wired digital controller displays all four bag pressures as well as the tank pressure. The controller uses a full color, backlit screen and features a rotatable keypad that allows for horizontal controller mounting.

Air Lift’s mobile app allows the vehicle to be put into a ‘show mode’ which enables you to remotely control the air suspension using your Bluetooth enabled smart phone (iPhone/Android) from a distance once the vehicle has been turned off. No additional hardware is required to use this feature, it is built into every 3P and 3H system! Future system updates can be applied through the app as well.

If you're looking for a system that takes both pressure and height into consideration, you should look into purchasing the Air Lift Performance 3H Air Management Package. If you'd rather get the 3P to start, you can always upgrade to the 3H at a later date by purchasing Air Lift's 3P to 3H Upgrade Kit.

  • (5) User-definable pressure presets (can be upgraded to height)
  • Manual mode for individual air spring control
  • Digital controller with color screen
  • Rotatable keypad that allows for horizontal mounting
  • Mobile app (no additional hardware required)
  • System updates through mobile app
  • Combined ECU and manifold
  • Rise on start
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Bag Riders Air Lift Performance 3P Management Includes:
  • Air Lift Performance 3P System
    • Combined ECU/Manifold Unit
    • ECU/Manifold Mounting Hardware
    • Air Lift Performance 3P/3P Controller and Harness
    • Pre-assembled ECU/Manifold Wiring Harness with built-in Compressor Relay
    • Auto drain water trap
    • In-line Fuse Holders (with fuses)
    • Wiring Terminals for hassle-free Installation
  • Aluminum Air Tank of your choice
  • Free Bag Riders Tank Fitting Pack (only compatible with tank options in the full kit drop down menu)
  • Compressor(s) of your choice
  • 40amp Relay(s) for your compressor(s)**
  • Bag Riders Relay Wiring Kit(s)**
  • Bag Riders Tank Drain Kit
  • Air Line Cutter Tool
  • (1) 60ft Bundle of DOT Approved Air Line
  • Free Bag Riders Vinyl Decals in your choice of color
  • 100% Free Technical Support - The Industry's Best!
  • ** Single Compressor kits will not include an additional relay, as a relay is built into the Air Lift Performance 3P Wiring Harness

Power Kit Options:
  • Single Compressor kits do not require a power kit; it is included in the Air Lift Performance 3H Wiring Harness
  • Air Lift 3H / 3P Second Compressor Harness

  • Installation Guides:
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    1. Ripp3d_
      Number of Reviews: 2
      Member Since: 12/29/2013
      Awesome product
      on 12/11/2018
      Awesome product
      review by Ripp3d_ (@Ripp3d_) on 12/11/2018
      I had used the V2 management on my old car in 2012 and thought man this controller and setup is perfect! Then I bought a new car and upgraded to the 3P and man its so nice. Airlift makes great products and I am proud to purchase from them again.
    2. User93425
      Number of Reviews: 4
      Member Since: 11/2/2018
      on 12/9/2018
      review by User93425 on 12/9/2018
      I was debating on going with Accuair E level or Airlift 3P and easily chose to go with the Airlift 3P after reading on how easy it is to install. Everything is plug n play for the most part. I paired it with the super quiet Endo Compressor tank and by far these two cannot be beat for the price. I had to contact Bagriders on a few questions I had and Ian quickly responded back within a few minutes and answered all my questions.
    3. illestaccord
      Number of Reviews: 1
      Member Since: 3/6/2018
      Love it
      on 10/29/2018
      Love it
      review by illestaccord (@illestaccord) on 10/29/2018
      The AirLift 3P management kit is the way to go if you're looking to do the install yourself. I decided to skip on the 3H since I didn't feel like installing the height sensors and after 4 months of using the 3P I don't regret it as it does everything I need. If you know anything about wiring and cars you'll find this very easy to install. Everything feels very well made and high quality. If you're considering this kit I say go for it, the controller makes adjustments so easy and looks great.
    4. Pae929
      Number of Reviews: 2
      Member Since: 8/9/2018
      Great Product!
      on 9/11/2018
      Great Product!
      review by Pae929 (@pae929) on 9/11/2018
      The Airlift 3P Management System is a great choice for anyone looking to put their car on air. I chose Dual 444c Viair compressors with the 4 gallon end port tank. The system was easy to install and works flawlessly. The interface is very user friendly and having the bluetooth option available has proven to come in very handy. I highly recommend this system, especially through Bag Riders as they have amazing customer service and great customization options available.
    5. Anthony R.
      Number of Reviews: 6
      Member Since: 2/3/2016
      An Engineering Marvel
      on 2/16/2017
      An Engineering Marvel
      review by Anthony R. (@Ohsoanthony) on 2/16/2017
      This management kit is truly one of a kind, from the design to performance to simplicity it is just perfect. This was a huge upgrade from manual management it even sounds better when I purge air. And the app is great for scene points and managing.
    6. FrankBuffa
      Number of Reviews: 1
      Member Since: 2/7/2017
      Easy and Awesome
      on 2/7/2017
      Easy and Awesome
      review by FrankBuffa (@Frankiebuffa) on 2/7/2017
      I helped a friend install the Air Lift Performance 3P kit in his Mercedes Benz W204, super easy to install! Anything you dont know is in the instructions, and if not ALP and Bag Riders are both great at answering questions! I love the controller makes things easy to read, understand, and use. ALP did a great job!
    7. _ls_jerry
      Number of Reviews: 3
      Member Since: 1/30/2017
      on 1/30/2017
      review by _ls_jerry (@_ls_jerry) on 1/30/2017
      Super easy to use, in depth instructions, and built in Bluetooth... amazing product
    8. Greenwalt
      Number of Reviews: 2
      Member Since: 10/14/2012
      Great choice
      on 5/23/2016
      Great choice
      review by Greenwalt (@chubs625) on 5/23/2016
      Absolutely love the 3P/3H system. Stupid easy to connect, it is literally a 5 wire hookup. Works flawlessly. And schematics already show how to wire in larger Air Zenith compressors without worry of hurting the management!