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  • air-tank-drain-kit

Air Tank Drain Kit

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Stock: In Stock

Brand: Bag Riders

Bag Riders Part Number: BR01291

Manufacturer Part Number: n/a

Weight: 0.20 lbs

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One of the easiest ways to drain your tank! As your compressors run, they create condensation which cools and pools up inside of your air tank. The swivel elbow that is included with this kit goes on the bottom most port of your tank that is pointing down, towards the ground. Connect the 5 feet of 1/4" air line to the swivel elbow (trim if needed), and then connect the ptc inflation valve to the other end.

When you are ready to drain your tank, just pull the inflation valve and air line out of your car, depress the pin in the inflation valve and spray water and compressed air out of your tank. Once the water stops flowing you're done! This tank drain kit can also double as an inflation valve in the unlikely event a compressor fails to run.

  • (1) 1/4"PTC - 1/4"NPT SMC DOT Swivel Elbow
  • (1) 1/4"PTC Inflation Valve
  • Five (5) feet of 1/4" Air Line
  • Important Notes
  • Designed for tanks with 1/4"NPT drain ports
  • A reducer bushing may be required to work with certain tanks
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  1. justanthony1
    Number of Reviews: 2
    Member Since: 11/23/2017
    Must Have
    on 1/26/2019
    Must Have
    review by justanthony1 (@justanthony1) on 1/26/2019
    Bought it after a day of installing my air ride. Been on air for a year now and this thing works through weird Texas weather.
  2. fg2_austin
    Number of Reviews: 1
    Member Since: 4/6/2017
    Worth it
    on 4/6/2017
    Worth it
    review by fg2_austin (@fg2_austin) on 4/6/2017
    Makes draining your tank that much easier, definitely worth the purchase!
  3. GeneJ
    Number of Reviews: 5
    Member Since: 2/14/2017
    You need this
    on 3/27/2017
    You need this
    review by GeneJ (@Genegoesfast) on 3/27/2017
    No, really, you do. Not only are these important/necessary in keeping your tanks water free, they're great for testing/filling your system before, during and after the install in your car.
  4. Rob
    Number of Reviews: 5
    Member Since: 5/30/2016
    on 8/23/2016
    review by Rob on 8/23/2016
    Awesome product, definitely recommend it to drain you tank and keep water out.