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Electric Air Tank Drain Kit

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Stock: In Stock

Brand: Bag Riders

Bag Riders Part Number: BR01753

Manufacturer Part Number: n/a

Weight: 2.00 lbs

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The Electric Air Tank Drain Kit is one of the quickest and easiest ways to drain your air tank. As your compressors run, they create condensation which cools and pools up inside of your tank. Getting rid of this condensation is mandatory to prevent water from entering your valves and the rest of the system. This kit has the same functionality as the Air Tank Drain Kit but allows you to purge the tank with a single press of a button from inside of the car!

Installation Manual
  • Important Notes
  • Designed for tanks with 1/4"NPT drain ports
  • A reducer bushing may be required to work with certain tanks
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  1. 350Zr
    Number of Reviews: 7
    Member Since: 10/24/2017
    why would you not have this???
    on 8/29/2018
    why would you not have this???
    review by 350Zr on 8/29/2018
    As cheap as this kit is... if you are on air, you need it! It doesn't get much easier than this to drain any water hanging around in your air tank.. or tanks. Im running this on 2 seamless 3 Gal tanks with a PTC tee fitting running both bottom tank lines into the electronic valve.. just run your line from the exit side of the valve to the outside of the car.. wire up to 12v and bingo. easy breezy. lol... push the button and no more water in your tank.. you can purge it even while your going down the highway. You need this.