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  • bag_riders_manual_air_mangement

Bag Riders Manual Air Management Package

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The Bag Riders Manual Air Management is one of the most reliable air management options for your car due to its simple design and lack of electrical or digital components. The heart and namesake of the system are the Manual Paddle Valves which function as both the controller and valve block (manifold). Each paddle provides two-way control of a single air spring: press up on the paddle to inflate and press down to deflate, simple as that! The Manual Air Management is the perfect solution for any budget air ride build, or for the newcomer who doesn’t want to break the bank on their first setup.

Bag Riders Manual Management Includes:
Gauge Kit Options:
Power Kit Options:
Installation Guide:
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  1. Daveey
    Number of Reviews: 1
    Member Since: 2/17/2016
    on 3/21/2017
    review by Daveey (@Trapgolf) on 3/21/2017
    The kit comes with evrething you need to install it quality parts i recomend this product for a manual set up the staff was very help full at the time of purchase and all my questions wur answerd.
  2. Bagged71
    Number of Reviews: 1
    Member Since: 8/22/2016
    Good kit
    on 8/22/2016
    Good kit
    review by Bagged71 (@cp0tter) on 8/22/2016
    Great starter air management kit. Had to buy a couple other fittings but other than that its a awesome kit. Very well put together. Id definitely buy again
  3. Anthony R.
    Number of Reviews: 6
    Member Since: 2/3/2016
    Simple, yet satisfying.
    on 5/25/2016
    Simple, yet satisfying.
    review by Anthony R. (@Ohsoanthony) on 5/25/2016
    Great kit to start a bag set up, comes with almost everything you need. however, some couplings and some fittings I had to get specific to my setup but overall everything I really needed. I'm still on manual management and love it's simplicity.